Welcome back to Week 2 Edition of your friendly Start’em Sit’em segment. I hope everyone had great success in Week 1. There was plenty to reflect on and be excited about as the new season welcomed 5 rookie starting QBs to the NFL. None of them more impressive than RGIII, who absolutely lit up the Superdome and made Redskin fans remember the days of not sucking. There were some predictions that were way off so I’ll address them up front. First, I take back anything I said about the Jets blowing goats for 1 week. This could change next week, but at least for the time being I approve of Rex Ryan’s toe fetish and QB Dirty Sanchez’s new found connection with WR Stephen Hill.

Also, I would like to thank Rashard Jennings for pooping himself in what could have been his only audition as a starting RB this season. Embarrassing performance but then again if I knew MJD would handle the load I wouldn’t have gambled on him or his fragile self. Lastly, I made a “Panty Dropping” dump on my promise last week for Matthew Stafford’s performance. I was banking on at least 300 yards and 2 TDs against the Rams, not too tall an order from this stud. He got the yardage but if he would stop throwing to the other team maybe I would have been spot on. Instead only 1 TD, albeit on the game-winning drive, wasn’t good enough to save me from making good on my promise.

Running Backs

CJ Spiller BUF VS. KC | Start’Em

It’s time to drop some serious knowledge and mess you up with some truth for those who don’t know about this speedster out of Clemson. This versatile back can be a killer in the passing game and has punishing speed to burn. Start him this week in all formats. With the injury to Fred Jackson in Buffalo this is his turn to handle the load full-time and even though I expect Kansas City’s Defense to bounce back from the Matt Ryan frat party that took place in their backyard last week, I still see Spiller picking up 100 yards combined in receiving and rushing with at least 1 TD. He’s going to spill his touchdown dance moves all over the Chiefs, mark my words.

Steven Ridley NE VS. AZ | Start’Em

Does New England finally have a featured Corey Dillon type tailback from way back in the day? My guess is no, but with Vareen sidelined with an injury and coming off an impressive debut in Tennessee I am sold on starting Ridley vs. an Arizona team that I cannot foresee keeping up with the Pats at all. Once halftime hits it would be a shocker if this game is close and when the Pats start to pour it on in the second half they will gravitate more towards to the ground game and that’s where Ridley will knock out the yardage and TDs he is capable of producing. If Belichek decides to roll the dice with his 3rd string running back late in the game to vulture away points from Ridley though, don’t be shocked. It’s Belicheck remember, and he’s a devious one who loves giving lackluster press conferences and pooping all over fantasy owners. However this week I see Ridley ringing the bell early and often.

Kevin Smith DET VS. SF | Sit’Em

Don’t get me wrong I’m very high on Smith’s potential as the featured back in Detroit this season, just not this week. San Francisco is a BIG physical defense swarming with playmakers and running backs don’t have a recent track record of success finding the end zone. Smith wasn’t able to turn it on until late vs. the Rams last week. I don’t see San Francisco struggling against the Lions so I expect Detroit to be airing the ball out more and thus less carries and short dump offs to Kevin this week. Play it safe and pull out. Pull Kevin Smith out of the lineup or face the wrath of Patrick Willis’ defense and his gigantic biceps.

Wide Receivers

Julio Jones ATL VS. DEN | Start’Em

Julio Jones is putting the HOT in Atlanta’s fiery offense. I have no doubt that his tear continues against Denver in the mile high altitude. I think he can put up Calvin Johnson freakish numbers this season and he’ll show that Monday night in primetime. This game has the potential to be a shootout with more touchdowns than Kim Kardashian booty drops at a rap concert. I love Matt Ryan’s progression into the elite QB category this season and expect Julio to help get him there. Buckle your chin strap because this dirty bird will be spinning heads all season.

Percy Harvin MIN VS. IND | Start’Em

Mr. Migraine is the most consistent target the Vikings have on offense. They proved week 1 they are capable of moving the football and Ponder to Harvin is the catch phrase in Minneapolis. I like Harvin due to the many targets he gets every game and Indianapolis let Chicago run wild week 1. I see this as a close game but Harvin’s added speedy dimension and elusiveness to get open make him a valuable starter this week. Plug the purple people eater in there and he shouldn’t disappoint fantasy owners this week.

Stephen Hill NYJ VS. PIT | Sit’Em

He’s the pick up of the week in most leagues, as this unstoppable force is being claimed via the waiver in a majority of leagues. Is this for real or just a flash in the pan? Well it’s week 2 so that sample size isn’t large enough yet and the Steelers are coming off an embarrassing loss on Sunday night to return home where Heinz field promises to be Sanchez’s house of horrors. I don’t trust the Jets to do what they did to Buffalo this week and I expect Hill will be dropped back into free agency in many leagues on Monday as a result. Stop drinking the kool-aid on this guy, it’ll give you a foot fetish.


Alex Smith SF VS. DET | Sneaky Sleeper Start

I cannot believe what I just wrote. Alex Smith to start, seriously? This underperformer and near bust has come into his own over the past year and a half in a cautious San Francisco offense. He looked alive and well against Green Bay last week and only expect his confidence to grow as the season progresses. ESPN’s Merrill Hodge proclaimed this to be the best offense in football right now, so why not play Smith this week vs. a Lions defense that is relatively unproven with a coach who has trouble shaking hands nicely with the opposing team.

Matt Schaub HOU VS. JAC | Start ‘Em

Is this the season Schaub is a viable starter every week? I don’t know, is he going to stay healthy and will his weapons do the same? I know that this week is about as good a time as any to show him some love and start him against a Jaguars team that let a porous Vikings offense gobble them up. Schaub may not put up Aaron Rodgers number this week, but he has the most potential of any week to do so this week. Start him as the “Bullet-Proof Tiger” pick of the week.

Robert Griffin III WAS VS. STL | Sit’Em

RGIII fever is in full effect. The cool aid has been sipped, fans in DC are cheering Hail to the Redskins and all is well in the nation’s capital. Stop. Now wait, it’s week 2 so let’s simma down now. RGIII has looked awesome up until now and will probably have another solid week but I don’t expect the points he put up last week and there will be ups and downs this season for him. I like the matchup but I am not convinced enough to start him over another top 12 QB on the fantasy roster with more pedigree. Roll out Flacco over him this week or I would go as far down as Big Ben. He’s human, he’ll make mistakes and the Rams did pick off Stafford 3 times last week before giving up 1 late TD to him. Temper those expectations and keep it in your pants. Sit RGIII this week despite a juicy looking matchup.

Tight End

Jacob Tamme DEN VS. ATL | Start’Em

Does Peyton love his Tight Ends? Oh he loves the good and reliable ones like Tamme. Now Tamme got a nice score against Pittsburgh in week 1 and I like for the Broncos to ride him into this primetime tilt with the Falcons. Atlanta has playmakers all over offense so to keep up Peyton will have to air it out and I like Decker and Tamme to find space and expect a HUGE day from him. I’m putting my “Panty Dropping” call of the week on his shoulders and saying that it’s going to be over 100 yards receiving and at least 1 TD for this guy this week, which is quite a bit coming from any tight end not named Gronk or Graham. Chalk it up ladies, I got money on the Tamme so lube it up and double down this week.


Oakland Raiders OAK VS. MIA | Pick up and Play

Oaktown is where the playas play and the freaks come out at night. Raider Nation didn’t get their due on the Monday night opener but I expect that to change in South Beach vs. the Dolphins this weekend. Tannehill is still a rookie QB with a below average cast and virtually unknown slew of wideouts. Oakland will be hungry for a win and even though this Defense managed to put up a near goose egg in many standard scoring leagues last week, I see sacks, turnovers and even a touchdown this week. Some love for the silver and black this week, if not now then when this year? Pick’em up and play this week. I’m heeding my own advice since that’s what I’m doing this week. Go Big!

Spotlight Tip of the Week

I am going to the waiver wire for the tip…just the tip of the week. Don’t drink the waiver wire gin and juice especially if you are a team who drafted with one of the first picks. You are already towards the bottom of the waiver, so let those poor saps go after Alfred Morris and Stephen Hill and whatever no names that emerged from rubble of week 1. These players might turn out to help those teams but you’ll likely not get the player initially sought and lose gaining better positioning for further weeks when your waiver wire pick will be more valuable. Instead, wait until the morning after the waivers have been claimed to grab the scraps and make your move up towards the top of the wire. The waiver wire is like Jim from American Pie. You don’t want to move too fast or you’ll wind up blowing your load on that dainty girl from band camp when instead if you were a little more patient you could gain positioning on Nadia, who could potentially ride you all the way to a fantasy glory.

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