Each week during the NFL season FST brings you our Fantasy Football Sit’em column, which takes a look at unfavorable match-ups and how they might impact lineup decisions for your fantasy football roster. Let’s take a look at some players that you may want to consider benching for Week 15. If you have any start’em sit’em questions feel free to post them in our Fantasy Football Forum.

I want to acknowledge before this segment kicks off that this section was perfect in its predictions last week for the first week of playoffs. That means, if you started the guys on this list: Mathews, Reece, Fitzpatrick, Henne, Fitzgerald, Givens, Vernon, Gates or the Texans D especially, then you are lucky to advance to this next round of playoffs. More importantly, it means you need to start reading the columns!! Let’s get at it here again as I attempt to go for broke with some more bold and hopefully helpful suggestions for guys who promise to disappoint this week. As usual, this list doesn’t include the no-brainers and the tendency is to really dive into the matchups and intangibles that have made the sleepers and sit’ems some of the most accurate picks all season. Always pay attention to my defenses advice, I’ve got you covered with those per usual.

Running Backs

Knowshon Moreno DEN VS. BAL

Knowshon, know your opponent. That’s the case this week as Moreno sits squarely atop the sits for this week’s action. Many “experts” will disagree with me but hear me out on this one. In what is the most pivotal game of the Ravens season, it’s fair to say that the Ravens will be looking to rebound and make a statement when Peyton comes to M&T Bank Stadium on Sunday afternoon. This is the anticipated comeback of Ray Lewis and the Ravens defense will be playing out of their complete minds, ready to avenge being upset the last two games vs. Pittsburgh and Washington. Are you going to start Moreno if you have lesser options? Sure, but if you have other options that are equally solid give a long look at benching Knowshon for someone with more upside. I don’t see it this week unless there’s some goal line action for him and even that’s questionable. Under 10 points for Knowshon this week, know it.

DeMarco Murray DAL VS. PIT

DeMarco got back in the saddle for the Cowboys last week, proving his start’em status with a TD. Just as quick as you jump on that bandwagon, you’ve got to let that ship set sail this weekend. The Steelers are coming into Big D fresh off an embarrassing loss at home to the Chargers. The Steelers have a history of winning these types of games and I expect that staunch run defense that limited Chargers RB Mathews to 60 yards on 25 carries to do similar damage and force Romo into turnovers. The lucky ride for Romo and Cowgirls comes to an abrupt halt this weekend. Don’t bet on Murray eclipsing 10 pts in standard leagues, at least that’s the word coming from our nation’s capital this week.


Andrew Luck IND VS. HOU

How can you bet against Luck and those Chuckstrong Colts? You don’t, you just bet against Luck putting up 20 plus on the Texans. I am a huge proponent of good teams bouncing back at this point in the season. This Texans team is proven and for the second year in a row will be headed to the playoffs. Despite the debacle in New England on Monday Night, this is still very much a formidable defense and I expect that JJ Watt and the Texans will throw exotic blitzes and the kitchen sink at Luck to keep the Colts off balance. Luck has proven to have some difficulties with more complex defenses as he adjusts to his first season in the NFL. Expecting much over 15 points this week would be asking too much.

Colin Kaepernick SF VS. NE

Captain Kap of the 49ers looks to lead his crew into New England on Sunday Night for a win. The image of Matt Schaub getting his ass handed to him over and over on MNF is still fresh and it’s difficult to not see that same scenario playing itself out again. Could this be a Super Bowl preview? Sure, it probably should have been last year’s matchup had San Fran not had a couple of special teams blunders. I think Colin can push 15, maybe even close to 20 points with his ability to run the football, but I don’t see this as a game where he’ll put up those points like he did against the Saints or Bears. It’s just a different atmosphere playing in the elements with a team that is as hot as New England is right now. Sit’em this week, especially if you need an above average performance from your QB.

Wide Receivers

Steve Johnson BUF VS. SEA

The charismatic and often jubilant Bills wide receiver has a tough matchup versus Seattle’s secondary this weekend. Sticking with the theme of being cautious of playmakers going up against Seattle’s defense is a good idea. If Johnson was taller I would risk it, but the Seattle corners are equally fast and play man to man coverage with the best around the NFL. The spot to burn the defense is on quick screens, not shots down the field. Johnson should be running all over the place on Sunday, just without the football. Sit him or Sherman will do that for you.

Torrey Smith BAL VS. DEN

Torrey, art thou still a prime time performer? Well, not for the last 3 weeks at least. He has failed to show up and Flacco has been looking Boldin’s way more as a result. I think Torrey always has the potential for the big one, just like DeSean Jackson, but it’s not there often enough and his recent slump is worrisome. With the new offensive coordinator taking over, my bet is that the Ravens play it safer with the no-huddle and work in Ray Rice more along with Boldin for possession plays and Pitta at TE. It should set up some play action calls for Smith, but I’m hesitant based on the last few weeks if that will materialize. Broncos have stellar secondary, which is not encouraging so don’t bet on it this weekend.

Tight Ends

Zack Miller SEA VS. BUF

This pick is for all the Seahawks fans who saw him get in the end zone as he got his 2 pass catches last week. Surprisingly it was him and not Golden Tate or even Sydney Rice who got into the end zone. I mean 58 points, c’mon now you would think there were more big plays to all the wide outs. Miller will be paving the blocking path for Beast Mode Sunday this week. Don’t bet on more than that couple catches in Buffalo.

Greg Olsen CAR VS. SD

Olsen is coming on incredibly strong over the last couple weeks. However, it’s time to temper those expectations, as he goes up against the Chargers who are the third toughest defense in containing the opposition’s tight end target. I like this game for shoot-out potential, but I also don’t think the middle of the field is how Carolina will exploit the Chargers defense. Rather, it’ll be on the outside with LaFell and Smith and Olsen should help push defenders off Cam as he breaks those goal line runs too. There are better options at TE this week.


Cleveland Browns CLE VS. WAS

The Browns are the most underrated defense in the NFL today. I like this unit and the only real reason for going against them is that their opponent is exceptionally HOT. The Redskins and their 4 game win streak come to Cleveland scorching after their dramatic OT win against the Ravens. The Browns are riding a hot streak of their own at 3 games, but this game should get well into the 20s in scoring, especially if RGIII starts at QB as expected. The Browns are an opportunistic defense but don’t expect a special teams TD this weekend and the Redskins should be able to move the football and score points with regularity. This isn’t a winning matchup, sit’em.