Each week during the NFL season FST brings you our Fantasy Football Sleepers of the Week column, which takes a look at lesser-known players that could deserve a start due to a favorable matchup, injury, or other circumstances. Let’s take a look at some sneaky plays for Week 11. If you have any fantasy football roster questions feel free to post them in our Fantasy Football Forum.

Running Backs

Marcel Reece OAK VS. NO

Reece comes in as the waiver pick-up of the week from last week’s action. He proved valuable against the Ravens in the passing game, so when Oakland gets behind he’s still a viable source of fantasy points for catching the ball out of the backfield. A little personal note, I’m pulling hard for this guy. He’s a UDub grad who was more of wide receiving threat until he beefed up and became this hybrid RB/HB that he’s been with the Raiders. I like him for at least 8 plus points this week. If they get close to that goal line I expect he’ll be able to punch it in where Michael Turner failed against the Saints D last week. It’ll be a barn burner by the Bay on Sunday.

Jacquizz Rodgers ATL VS. AZ

Quizz is his name and juking defenders out of their drawers is his game. This tiny dynomo out of Corvallis, Oregon has got some swift moves and outperformed starter Michael Turner in fantasy with his pass catching skills against the Saints. I feel a changing of the guard could be coming sooner than later in the ATL with Turner proving futile the last couple weeks and Jacquizz adding an exciting element in the passing game. It’s the Arizona Cardinals who are slumping as of late, after starting the season on a 4 game hot streak. I like Atlanta to rebound from their first loss of the season and Quizz to be integrated more heavily into the offense. I’m not suggesting a 50/50 share with carries but I certainly think he builds on the receiving yards and a few more carries from last week will be there for him.


Joe Flacco BAL VS. PIT

Flacco was nasty last week at home against an outmatched Raiders secondary. Former Uni-brow champion (ceded to Anthony Davis) will have his work cut out for him against division rival Pittsburgh this week on the road. However, I think he’ll be up to the challenge and will perform admirably. I’m a little hesitant of the TD passes due to Ray Rice being such a beast, but I see the opportunity for quick hits to Boldin and Torrey all over the field. I’m going out on a limb here and saying 20 to 25 points is easily feasible this week, so stick with your favorite Joe this week.

Sam Bradford STL VS. NYJ

Bradford makes the list for the first time this season. I didn’t think he’d make it, but he found some sleeper potential and has such a favorable matchup. After Russell Wilson pretty much did what he wanted against the Jets last week, I’ll predict that Sammy football benchmarks that approach and gashes the Jets with similar ease. Bradford has his main man in Amendola back along with Gibson and Givens who are deep threats. Steven Jackson’s re-emergence also bodes well for this offense who shouldn’t find trouble moving the ball against sexy Rexy’s not so mean green defense.

Wide Receivers

Donnie Avery IND VS. NE

Last week it was T.J. Hilton that I figured would benefit from the short week on Thursday night against the Jaguars defense. This week I’m looking in the same direction but opposite position on the line of scrimmage with Avery. Donnie can operate well out of the slot and give Luck nice options if Wayne can’t get open deep. New England has been better against the run than the pass this season and we saw what Fitzy did to the Pats D with his weapons on the Bills last weekend. The same potential here is for Donnie Avery to take advantage of this now youthful Pats defense, full of early round draft picks. Avery doesn’t have much upside but I like at least 6 to 10 pts from him in this matchup.

Donald Jones BUF VS. MIA

To be honest I thought Donald Jones was a misprint. I figured someone on the Green Bay Packers mixed up the names of Donald Driver and James Jones and this guy emerged on the Bills roster. I think he’s the second or 3rd passing option to Steve Johnson and TE Chandler there. I would guess that Miami is not happy about being trounced by the Titans last week, but I don’t know if they can stop Buffalo’s passing game either. This is actually a pretty good rivalry. It’s not the same as Jets vs. Dolphins but I’m pretty sure there’s not much hugging prior to the game with these teams. It’s just a hunch but I think Donald Jones is a sweet roll of the dice on Thursday night. I’m a gambling man these days and I’ll roll Donald “Driver/James” Jones out there for the win this week.

Tight Ends

David Ausberry OAK VS. NO

Yeah, I know who is this guy? Fact: he’s probably the Oakland Raiders starting tight end on Sunday against a very generous Saints pass defense. Ausberry isn’t going to turn any heads but maybe he sees some goal line looks or check down targets. He’s the deepest of all sleepers. I have not gone this deep in quite a long time, I mean we are really getting deep in there with this one. Ugggh…..that’s what she said? OK, enough I’m closing the book on this guy but again he’s a roll of the dice option out there.

Tom Crabtree GB VS. DET

Who is the leading touchdown receiving tight end on the Packers this season? Yep, look no further folks, we have magic in a bottle Tom Crabtree. Crabtree has caught six balls for the season and turned half of them into touchdowns. The Packers are coming off a bye-week, any bets they have a trick play or something special designed to get this secret weapon the football? I like him this week to catch a TD, or least have some relevant impact on the game. I know some experts say this enigma is good for less than 1 point at best on Sunday, I’ll go with 6. Let’s see who’s closer.


Cincinnati Bengals CIN VS. KC

Coming straight off the waiver wire and on to your fantasy squad this week are the Bengals’ defensive unit. If there is one thing I taught anyone from the Fantasy Rundown article from Week 10 (http://www.fantasysmacktalk.com/week-10-fantasy-rundown-play-your-kansas-city-chiefs-opponents/) it’s that you’ve got to start your Kansas City Chiefs opponent’s defense. Last week the Steelers were good for about a solid 10 points. I’m expecting at least more of the same this week. If the Bengals play like they did against the Giants last week and can build an early lead look for Cassel to make mistakes in the passing game and for Cincinnati to bury them with sacks and interceptions. The Bengals defense should be showing its teeth plenty this weekend.