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2012 Fantasy Baseball Starting Pitcher Rankings Outlook:
Lets start off with saying it is rare if not impossible for someone to repeat what Justin Verlander did a season ago. Which is part of the reason why he is not our number one pitcher. You should never draft simply based on what people did the past season because no two years are ever the same. We got the young gun Clayton Kershaw as the number one guy – he has all the tools and should be a Cy Young candidate again. Rounding out tier one is Verlander and Mr. Reliable Roy Halladay. This year if you don’t land a top ace you should not panic too much, there is a ton of talent in the middle to late tiers that you can target.
Like no other position, league settings plays a huge factor when deciding on what pitchers to take. Typically we like to look for players that have a low walk ratio and just about a strikeout per inning but, if your league puts more focus on wins then of course grabbing pitchers on great offenses is more important.
In our rankings you will find studs, sleepers, and upside guys but two I would like to touch on is Strasburg and Darvish. Both of these guys are risky but both have the upside to be an elite pitcher. Strasburg bursted onto the scene a few years back with great stuff but tommy john surgery basically had him miss all of last year. Darvish is coming over from Japan and is being touted as the real deal, his numbers were fantastic in Japan and his array of pitches makes some top baseball minds think he will be dominate in the big leagues as well.
Draft-Day Advice: It’s all about league settings here, make sure you know what to look for in terms of starting pitching and draft accordingly.

The following are our 2012 Fantasy Baseball Rankings, which are based on standard 5×5 scoring and take into account projected stats as well as upside and risk. Offensive categories include BA, HRs, Runs, RBIs, and SBs. Pitching categories are Wins, ERA, WHIP, Ks, and Saves. Although several players are eligible at multiple positions, they are listed at the position that they will most likely play the most in 2012. All leagues have different position eligibility requirements so be sure to check your settings before draft day.

11Clayton KershawLA233.121248542.280.98
21Justin VerlanderDET25124250572.400.92
31Roy HalladayPHI233.219220352.351.04
42Felix HernandezSEA233.214222673.471.22
52Cliff LeePHI232.217238422.401.03
62Tim LincecumSF21713220862.741.21
72Jered WeaverANA235.218198562.411.01
82CC SabathiaNYY237.119230613.001.23
93Cole HamelsPHI21614194442.790.99
103David PriceTB224.112218633.491.14
113Yovani GallardoMLW207.117207593.521.22
123Stephen StrasburgWAS2412421.500.71
134Dan HarenANA238.116192333.171.02
144Jon LesterBOS191.215182753.471.26
154Yu DarvishTEX000000
164Madison BumgarnerSF204.213191463.211.21
174Zack GreinkeMLW171.216201453.831.20
185Michael PinedaNYY1719173553.741.10
195Tommy HansonATL13011142463.61.17
205James ShieldsTB249.116225652.821.04
215Matt MooreTB9.111532.891.29
225Matt CainSF221.212179632.881.08
235Adam WainwrightSTL000000
245Neftali FelizTEX62.1254302.741.16
256Ian KennedyARZ22221198552.881.09
266Brandon BeachyATL141.27169463.681.21
276Matt GarzaCHC19810197633.321.26
286Josh JohnsonFLA60.1356201.640.98
297Jeremy HellicksonTB18913117722.951.15
307Ricky RomeroTOR22515178802.921.14
317Daniel HudsonARZ22216169503.491.20
327Daniel BardBOS73274243.330.96
337Jordan ZimmermannWAS161.18124313.181.15
348Cory LuebkeSD139.26154443.291.07
358C.J. WilsonANA223.116206742.941.19
368Mat LatosCIN194.19185623.471.18
378Josh BeckettBOS19313175522.891.03
388Johnny CuetoCIN1569104472.311.09
398Anibal SanchezFLA196.18202643.671.28
408Chris CarpenterSTL237.111191553.451.26
419Hiroki KurodaNYY20213161493.071.21
429Max ScherzerDET19515174564.431.35
439Gio GonzalezWAS20216197913.121.32
449Ubaldo JimenezCLE188.110180784.681.40
459Clay BuchholzBOS82.2660313.481.29
469Aroldis ChapmanCIN50471413.601.3
479Ervin SantanaANA228.211178723.381.22
4810Jaime GarciaSTL194.213156503.561.32
4910Doug FisterDET216.111146372.831.06
5010Justin MastersonCLE21612158653.211.28
5110Tim HudsonATL21516158563.221.14
5210Mike MinorATL82.2577304.141.49
5310Brad PeacockOAK122460.751.08
5410Bud NorrisHOU1866176703.771.33

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