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2012 Fantasy Baseball Outfield Rankings Outlook:
Outfield is the position, where you can get a little bit of everything. Great average, great speed, and great power and if you take one early you can get a mix of it all. Matt Kemp has gone on record to say he is going to post a 50 homerun / 50 stolen base year. If he achieves that feet he certainly will be top player in all of fantasy this year.
Now you cannot bank on a performance like that but within all the tiers you can find what your team is lacking during a draft. Getting a speed guy in the middle rounds or even being ok with taking the hit in average for a guy that has 30 homerun potential, is certainly something you can find very late in your draft.
People have either waited to take young upside guys or spent all early picks on Outfielders since they produce such monster stats. We are firm believers that something in-between those two strategies is the way to go, but more than any other position it is important to let the players come to you. There is no reason to reach since there is so much talent and so many outfielders to choose from. With that said grabbing an eltie outfielder could be the difference in winning and loser your league.
Draft-Day Advice: Outfielders can cover up any holes you team might have or be the corner pieces to your roster, but one thing is certain you will need quality outfielders to win your championship.

The following are our 2012 Fantasy Baseball Rankings, which are based on standard 5×5 scoring and take into account projected stats as well as upside and risk. Offensive categories include BA, HRs, Runs, RBIs, and SBs. Pitching categories are Wins, ERA, WHIP, Ks, and Saves. Although several players are eligible at multiple positions, they are listed at the position that they will most likely play the most in 2012. All leagues have different position eligibility requirements so be sure to check your settings before draft day.

11Matt KempLA6021950.3243911512640
21Ryan BraunMLW5631870.3323310911133
31Carlos GonzalezCOL4811420.29526929220
41Jacoby EllsburyBOS6602120.3213211910539
52Justin UptonARZ5921710.289311058821
62Mike StantonFLA5161350.2623479875
72Curtis GrandersonNYY5831530.2624113611925
82Jay BruceCIN5851500.2563284978
92Matt HollidaySTL4461320.2962283752
103Andrew McCutchenPIT5721480.25923878923
113Desmond JenningsTB247640.25910442520
123Shin-Soo ChooCLE313810.2598373612
133Hunter PencePHI6061900.3142284978
144B.J. UptonTB5601360.24323828136
154Carl CrawfordBOS5061290.25511655618
164Josh HamiltonTEX4871450.2982580948
174Cameron MaybinSD5161360.2649824040
185Jason HeywardATL396900.2271450429
195Alex GordonKC6111850.303231018717
205Michael MorseWAS5221580.3033173952
215Michael BournATL6561930.2942945061
225Brett GardnerNYY5101320.2597873649
235Emilio BonifacioFLA5651670.2965783640
246Adam JonesBAL5671590.28025688312
256Alejandro De AzaCWS152500.3294292312
266Nelson CruzTEX4751250.2632964879
276Nick MarkakisBAL6411820.28415727312
286Drew StubbsCIN6041470.24315924440
296Ichiro SuzukiSEA6771840.2725804740
307Peter BourjosANA5021360.27112724322
317Andre EthierLA4871420.2921167620
327Chris YoungARZ5671340.23620897122
337Austin JacksonDET5911470.24910904522
347Corey HartMLW4921400.2852680637
357Carlos BeltranSTL5201560.3002278844
367Lance BerkmanSTL4881470.3013190942
378Logan MorrisonFLA4621140.2472354722
388Jeff FrancoeurKC6011710.28520778722
398Shane VictorinoPHI5191450.27917956119
408Melky CabreraSF6582010.305181028720
418Colby RasmusTOR4711060.2251475535
428Brennan BoeschDET4281210.2831675545
438Chris HeiseyCIN279710.2541844506
449Matt JoyceTB4621280.27719697513
459Angel PaganSF4781250.2627685632
469Jayson WerthWAS5611300.23220695819
479Ben RevereMIN4501200.2670563034
489Nick SwisherNYY5261370.2602381852
499Alex PresleyPIT215640.298427209
5010Delmon YoungDET4731270.2681254641
5110Michael CuddyerCOL5291500.28420707011
5210Bryce HarperWAS0000000
5310Lucas DudaNYM301880.2921038501
5410Yoenis CespedesOAK
5510Coco CrispOAK5311400.2648695449

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