During the NBA season FST brings you our Fantasy Basketball Waiver Wire Pickups, which breaks down players available in many leagues that could have an immediate impact on your fantasy roster, or simply just players to keep on your radar. Let’s take a look at some players at each position that might be worthy of scooping off the waiver wire heading into Week 4 of the NBA season. If you have any waiver wire questions, feel free to post them in our Fantasy Basketball Forum.

Point Guard

Andre Miller DEN | PG

Andre Miller is probably a top 3 backup point guard in the league. Last year he performed very well behind Lawson and is looking to do the same this year. His points are very random and can go off any given night, but he is very good at getting rebounds and assists. He is not exactly the most flashy highlight player that everyone loves, but he is always getting the job done. Don’t expect 20 a night but he should average around 12-15 points at the end of the year. He is a great point guard to have on your bench if you lack depth at the point guard position. (about 20% owned)
Recommendation: Add in all leagues

Ramon Sessions CHA | PG

Sessions played well as a backup in Cleveland behind Kyrie, and you can say the same about him in Charlotte. Sessions is not a very good starter as he proved last year in LA when he was a below average point guard, but as a backup he seems to play very well with his high amount of energy. Don’t expect a lot of assists but he is a natural scorer. Any time a guard is injured in Charlotte you can expect good numbers to be produced out of him. (about 75% owned)
Recommendation: Add in all leagues

Randy Foye UTA | SG/PG

Randy Foye is a natural scorer and the main scorer off the bench for the Jazz. He is valuable in deep leagues because if any player in the starting front court goes down Foye will see a lot of minutes which will give him more time to score. He is only a good fantasy option if your team is lacking 3 pointers, he doesn’t do much other than score. (about 10% owned)
Recommendation: Add in deeper leagues

Shooting Guard

Gerald Green IND | SG/SF

Gerald Green is currently filling in for the injured Danny Granger and is not doing as well as expected, but is still doing an average job. Getting around 27 minutes a game he is a good shooter and a good rebounder at the Shooting Guard position. He does have a high upside but he is not a must add in all leagues. Currently he is one to just watch because if he begins to go on a hot streak he could be hot commodity. If the Pacers suffer another injury in their front court Green will be in line for large portion of minutes. (about 15% owned)
Recommendation: Add to watch list

Jason Richardson PHI | SG/SF

Jason Richardson is currently averaging around 13 shots a game which can provide him a large amount of points once he begins to heat up. Coming off missing 4 games due to an ankle injury he is doing very well averaging 15 points a game which is around what he will do at the end of the season. He is a great source of 3’s and will be added in most leagues once he starts to heat up. Jason Richardson is a career 17.5 points a game scorer. Richardson is currently owned in a very low 20 percent of leagues but will change to around 90 percent in the next week after showing that his ankle is healthy. (about 20% owned)
Recommendation: Add in deeper leagues

Small Forward

Dorell Wright PHI | SF

Last year was a huge disappointment for Dorell Wright but this year he is in a good spot. He has averaged 28 minutes a game and is a strong scorer along with a good rebounder. He has definitely shown in the past that he can provide very valuable fantasy stats, and it’s possible he can do it this year in case of injury. I do like him this year as a quick pick up to get an extra advantage while someone is out of your lineup. (about 65% owned)
Recommendation: Add in deeper leagues

Caron Butler LAC | SF

Caron Butler is a very good 3 point shooter. He will provide you will low rebounds but a good consistent amount of points. Caron Butler is a natural scorer that has found his talent in the 3 point skill. Caron will probably average around 13-15 points a game by the end of the year along with around 2.7 rebounds a game. Picking up Caron Butler is a safe choice for a consistent amount of points with some rebounds. (about 10% owned)
Recommendation: Add in deeper leagues

Chandler Parsons HOU | SF

Chandler Parsons is a great source of threes and occasional a breakout game. By adding Chandler Parsons though he is not a proven scorer and is sometimes inconstant. The small forward position in Houston is quite small in depth besides Carlos Delfino. Although he is a young player going into his sophomore year so he still to show how good he is. With his upside that he has and the lack of depth at the small forward position in Houston he is a must add. (about 60% owned)
Recommendation: Add in all leagues

Power Forward

Nikola Vucevic ORL | PF/C

Nikola Vucevic is a decent player in a great situation in Orlando. Currently he is averaging 11 points along with 9 rebounds a game. Not great numbers but he is currently avaible in 45% of leagues and if you are in a deep league then Vucevic is a must add. His upside is strong as a second year player not really showing his fantasy ceiling yet being so early in the season. Any player that can get you around 10 points and 8 to 10 rebounds is never going to be a fantasy star but is a great addition to any team. (about 55% owned)
Recommendation: Add in all leagues

Jason Thompson SAC | PF

With Cousins and Robinson out Thompson has showed up and delievered very strong numbers. With this kind of performance I’m sure he has proven to coach that he deserves more minutes. Anytime Cousins or Robinson is out Thompson will become a strong add as he has peformed very well in the minutes he has been given. Thompson is a great shot blocker by blocking at least 1 shot in every game to begin the season and he also is a strong rebounder. He is a good add in deep league but there is not much reason to have Thompson on a shallow league unless Cousins is injured or suspended (about 20% owned)
Recommendation: Add to watch list