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Question: Which running backs would you start Week 3 (pick two), Shonn Greene (@Oak), Beanie Wells (@Sea), Fred Jackson (vs.NE) or Cedric Benson (vs.SF)? (view post by ‪huskies25)

FST_Brent: Well Wells has to be starting. Seattle is terrible and Wells should have a great game. Then Fred Jackson vs the Pats. This will be a high scoring game, yes Bills fans, I am saying your team will be apart of a high scoring game with confidence and Fred Jackson has looked great. On a side note, no reason to worry about Spiller anytime soon – rumors are he will get on the field but with Jackson in the backfield and CJ split out.

FST_Dustin: I think there could be a lot of points scored in the NE/BUF game so I would stick Jackson in your lineup. The Bengals scare me against the 49ers so I would keep Benson on your bench. So your last spot comes down to Wells and Greene. Wells has been consistent so far this year so I think you stick with him. Seattle has not looked that great on D so far this year, so the Cards should be able to put up some points.

FST_Mike: I’d go with Wells and Jackson. Wells is off to a great start and should be able to top 100 yards against the Seahawks. Jackson is off to an even better start, leading the NFL with 229 yards rushing. He draws a slightly tougher matchup against the Patriots, but should be good for about 20 touches.

Question: Who would you start as your QB2 Week 3, Jason Campbell (vs.NYJ), Blaine Gabbert (@Car) or Matt Cassel (@SD)? (view post by ‪reese)

FST_Brent: Yuck, any chance Hasselbeck or Grossman is out there, heck even Dalton? If not, and I have to pick one of these guys I am going with Jason Campbell since he is the less of three evils. I know it is a tough Jets match-up but Campbell and the Raiders will have to take shots to open the running game for DMC so just hope rookie Moore catches one or two of them.

FST_Dustin: All of these guys scare me Week 3. I think you give Cassel one last shot. I know they lost Charles but I think Cassel could get some nice junk yards in the second half. The Chargers have been giving up a lot of points and yards this year, so there is a chance the Chiefs could put up some points.

FST_Mike: Ouch, tough one here, not great options. Matt Cassel has been awful averaging a mere 126 yards per game, but may have to air it out often to keep pace with the Chargers. Campbell has a tough matchup against the Jets, who have one of the best secondaries in the league, and Blaine Gabbert gets his first NFL start. I’m usually not an advocate of starting rookie QB’s, but in this case, I think I’d roll the dice with Gabbert. After Gabbert, I would start Campbell and then Cassel.

Question: Which tight end would you start Week 3, Jermichael Finley (@Chi) or Dustin Keller (@Oak)? (view post by ‪taggz_82)

FST_Brent: Go with Finley. The GB offense can explode at anytime and he is due for a big game. On a side note, I do like Keller this year – Sanchez is getting more and more freedom week to week and he loves targeting Keller.

FST_Dustin: The Jets are using Keller a lot this year, and I think you ride out this hot streak. Finley is off to an ok start, but I think you stick with Keller until he proves you otherwise. Oakland has been giving up a ton of yards through the air, and a ton of points this year. So I think Keller has a decent chance of finding the endzone.

FST_Mike: Both of these players are top-10 TE starts this week, but I’d go with Keller. He was targeted a team-high six times in their Week 2 win over Jacksonville and he should be Sanchez’s top target again this week against the Raiders.

Question: Which running back would you start Week 3, Felix Jones (vs.Was), Ryan Mathews (vs.KC), Marshawn Lynch (vs.Ari), Michael Bush (vs.NYJ), Pierre Thomas (vs.Hou), or Willis McGahee (@Ten)? (view post by ‪JKDhillon)

FST_Brent: KC has been out scored 89 to 10 thus far in the season. Mathews should have a good day along with all other players in a SD uniform.

FST_Dustin: I think you got to go with Mathews on this one. The Chiefs D has looked absolutely terrible this year and Mathews could be in line for a solid game.

FST_Mike: I’d go with Mathews, especially in a PPR league. Not only did he get 60-plus yards on the ground in Week 2, but he also gained 62 yards with seven receptions.

Question: Who has more fantasy value for the remainder of the season, Rex Grossman or Kyle Orton? (view post by ‪menooshy28)

FST_Brent: Match up game is the way to go but if I could only keep one it would be Grossman (can’t believe I am saying that). Grossman is not a great real life QB but for fantasy he does fine. The Skins throw the ball a ton so he will put up numbers. Against Dallas this week Monday night is a good start for Grossman (bad secondary).

FST_Dustin: Both these guys have backups that are hungry for some playing time, so they aren’t guaranteed to start for the rest of the season. That being said I think I would give the slight edge to Orton. The Broncos haven’t looked that great on offense, but I think they will turn it around. Denver still has a lot of weapons on offense I think Orton will have the better fantasy season. I am not totally buying Sexy Rexy as a consistent fantasy QB just yet.

FST_Mike: As much as I want to say Grossman, I think I would feel safer going with Orton. Orton averaged 281 yards a game last season and has topped 3,600 yards and 20 TDs in two straight seasons. Grossman is off to a great start, but he’s faced an injury-riddled Giants defense and a weak Arizona secondary. I need to see a couple more weeks before I am a true Grossman believer. As a Skins fan, I hope I am wrong here.

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