The 2011 fantasy baseball season is just around the corner and everyone loves to think about drafting the top sleepers. However, not drafting the busts, or avoiding paying too high for a player can go a long way towards helping you build a championship roster. This article will discuss various players not to draft too high, or avoid completely, for your fantasy baseball draft. If you have any fantasy baseball questions about a sleepers, busts, or who to draft, feel free to post them in our Fantasy Sports Forum.

Adrian Beltre TEX | 3B

Beltre did bat over .300 last year, but that was the first time he had done that since 2004. Beltre has a .275 lifetime average, and we expect that is about where he will be this year. We don’t think it was a consistence that he had his best average in 6 years during a contract year. He just got paid by the Rangers, so look for his numbers to take a hit.

Cliff Lee PHI | SP

True, Lee had some highlights last year, but after he went over to Texas he posted an ERA close to 4 and a losing record. Lee does have the potential of having another solid season, but we think there are guys with bigger upsides this year. Lee has been inconsistent during his career, and now that he just signed a huge contract we think he could be a bust this year.

Trevor Cahill OAK | SP

Cahill had a great year last year with an ERA under 3 and 18 wins. However there are a couple things that scare us about Cahill. He only had 118 K’s in 196 innings pitched, and he had a low BABIP. We think his luck will run out this year and we seriously doubt he will put up similar numbers in 2011.

Josh Hamilton TEX | OF

There is no denying that Hamilton is extremely talented, but we still say proceed with caution. Hamilton has been going in the first round in a lot of leagues, and we just think that is a little early for a guy with so many question marks. Hamilton has always been an injury risk, and we don’t think he will repeat the .359 batting average from last year.

Andre Ethier LAD | OF

A lot of people are going to remember what Ethier did at the beginning of last year, and this will mean he will probably go a little too early. Ethier has shown signs of being a fantasy stud, but he has yet to put together a full season of huge numbers. We think he could have another solid season, but we don’t see him as a top 15 outfielder.

Grady Sizemore CLE | OF

Sizemore has been nothing but a huge headache the last couple of years. He has battled injuries, but even when he is playing his numbers haven’t been great. We have little confidence that Sizemore will go back to his old ways. We say let someone else take the gamble unless he slips way down in your draft.

Nick Swisher NYY | OF

Swisher has had consistent power numbers over the last 6 years, but the problem is his .252 lifetime average and his lack of speed. Swisher has never been more then just a slightly above average OF, and we see no reason why that will change. Don’t over draft him just because he plays for the Yankees.

Torii Hunter LAA | OF

Hunter has been consistent over the last few years, but the problem is the limited upside. He is over 35 years old now, and we would much rather take a gamble on a young guy with more blowup potential. We do think Hunter can come close to his numbers from last year, just don’t expect more then 20 HR’s and 90 RBI’s with a .280 average.

Colby Lewis TEX | SP

Everyone is going to remember the run that Lewis had during the playoffs, but we aren’t sold that it was for real. Lewis has been all over the place with his production during his career, and we think he is going to have just a mediocre season. He does however have some upside with his strikeouts, but we wouldn’t draft him unless he falls deep in your draft.

Clay Buchholz BOS | SP

Buchholz had a great year, but we would be shocked if he is able to come even close to his numbers from 2010. He has low strikeout totals and he was pretty lucky with a low BABIP as well. He is a young pitcher with an upside, but we just don’t think Buchholz has the stuff to be a consistent dominant pitcher.