Waiver Wire is our weekly look at players available in many leagues that could have an immediate impact on your fantasy roster, or simply just players to keep on your radar. We’ll be here all season to let you know which players to watch, who to ignore, and most importantly, who to pick up. If you have any waiver wire questions, feel free to post them in our Fantasy Football Forum.

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Brandon Jackson GB | RB

Jackson is slowly starting to show signs of life for the Packers. He is starting to get more touches, and they love him in the passing game. The Packers haven’t tried to bring in anyone else to carry the load, so look for Jackson to continue to be a big part of the offense. (about 70% owned)

Kenny Britt TEN | WR

This guy should get into bar fights more often. After not starting the game Britt came out and had a career game with 225 yards and 3 TD’s. We do like his upside but don’t expect too many more of these blow up games. Britt will give you instant trade value, and he is a great sell high guy right now. (about 65% owned)

Steve Johnson BUF | WR

It’s official, Steve Johnson is good a football. He has 5 touchdown in the last 4 games for the Bills, and he needs to be owned in way more then 35% of leagues. If Johnson is still available in your league you need to snatch him before it’s to late. (about 35% owned)

Donald Brown IND | RB

Brown could be healthy enough to play week 8, and he should get the start. With Addai injured the Colts will turn to Brown to handle the carries. There is a chance he will not be ready which would open the door for Hart, but we expect him to be healthy enough to play. (about 30% owned)

LeGarrette Blount TB | RB

It looks like Blount may have taken over the starting job in Tampa. He had the majority of the carries in the second half, and he was very impressive. Caddilac continues to struggle, he is only averaging 2.5 yards a carry and we think his days of getting 20 touches a game are over. Look for Blount to see even more work week 8, and we think this guy has a huge upside. (about 5% owned)

Add in Deeper Leagues

Lee Evans BUF | WR

Buffalo may not have won a game yet, but they are starting to figure things out on offense. Evans had a monster game week 7, and he is putting together a decent season. He is going to be inconsistent, but he does have a lot of blow up potential. (about 35% owned)

Davone Bess MIA | WR

We can’t believe that Bess is only owned in about half the leagues. He has at least 5 catches in all games but 1 game, and he has a touchdown in each of his last 3 games. Bess is quickly becoming a decent option at receiver, and we say he is worth a roster spot in all PPR leagues. (about 45% owned)

Jordan Shipley CIN | WR

The Bengals were playing from behind almost the entire game week 7, so don’t put too much stock into Shipley’s numbers. But, the Bengals have been playing from behind a lot this year, so he should have more games like this. In a standard league Shipley should be left on the waiver wire, but he is definitely worth an add in most PPR leagues. (about 5% owned)

David Gettis CAR | WR

This rookie wide receiver could be the real deal. He is 6′ 3″ and 215 pounds and he could be the #2 WR that Carolina has been looking for. Gettis is a rookie so he will probably be inconsistent, but we do think he has a big upside. (about 5% owned)

Mike Williams SEA | WR

Williams had another huge game on Sunday, and it looks like this former first rounder has something going out in Seattle. He has 21 catches for over 200 yards in his last 2 games, and has quickly become Hasselbecks favorite target. There is a chance Williams cools back off, but at this point we think he is a great gamble. (about 30% owned)

Mike Williams TB | WR

This rookie receiver continues to put up solid numbers. He is clearly the favorite target of Freeman, and we think Williams will continue to have a fantasy impact. The Bucs have a fairly easy schedule coming up, so look for Williams to keep putting up solid numbers. (about 60% owned)

Dallas Defense DAL | DEF

We think Dallas is a great defense option for week 8. They are playing at home against a Jacksonville, and they should be able to force some turnovers. If you don’t like your D matchup this week, then go ahead and pick up Dallas. (about 50% owned)

Matt Cassel KC | QB

After a slow start to the season Cassel is starting to get things going. We don’t think he has a huge upside, but he is worth a look if you have bye week issues or an injured QB. Cassel has been a disappointment since he went over to Kansas City, but he might be onto something. (about 40% owned)

Darren Sproles SD | RB

The Chargers have been looking at Sproles in the passing game a lot lately. He has 17 catches in the last 4 games, and he will mix in a few carris. If you have RB bye week problems in a PPR league, we think Sproles is a decent pickup. (about 35% owned)

Ryan Fitzpatrick BUF | QB

Fitzpatrick has been one of the biggest surprises this year. Since taking over the starting job in Buffalo he has looked amazing. They haven’t found a way to win a game, but Fitzpatrick has been putting up huge numbers. In the 4 games he has started, he already has 11 TD’s and just under 1,000 yards. Fitzpatrick could be a great bye week fill in, or a decent spot start if you don’t like your QB’s matchup. (about 10% owned)

Jon Kitna DAL | QB

Tony Romo has a broken collarbone and is going to be out a while. This opens the door for Kitna to start out in Dallas. There are a ton of weapons on that offense so Kitna might have some success. In 2 QB leagues, or if you have bye week problems you might want to give Kitna a look. (about 5% owned)

Add to Watch List

Brandon LaFell CAR | WR

At the beginning of the year it looked like LaFell was going to be the rookie receiver to own out in Carolina. Now he has taken a back seat to Gettis, but we still think LaFell has an upside. Keep a close eye on this battle, because if LaFell ends up winning he could have some values. (about 5% owned)

If you have any waiver wire questions, feel free to post them in our Fantasy Football Forum.