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The hot corner isn’t looking so hot, and is arguably the shallowest fantasy position this year. In years past, third base was a deep and reliable source of home runs and RBI, and often times runs and average. This season, while there are still strong top-tier players, the the number of quality options in the later rounds has thinned out significantly.

Alex Rodriguez will be a top-five pick in many drafts and the only third baseman worthy of a first-round selection. David Wright, a first round pick last season, struggled with his power numbers, while rising talents like Evan Longoria, Ryan Zimmerman, Mark Reynolds, and Pablo Sandoval at least add a little bit of depth at the position. Once these players are off the board there are not many risk-free selections available. Aramis Ramirez, Michael Young, Chone Figgins, Chipper Jones, and Adrian Beltre have some fantasy value, but are far from a sure thing.

Draft-Day Advice: Grabbing an elite third basemen is now a much wiser move than it was when third base was amongst the deepest positions in fantasy baseball.


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