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First base is the deepest position in fantasy baseball and a great source for power stats from some of the league’s elite talents. Hopefully you don’t need us to tell you that Albert Pujols is not only the best first baseman, but the consensus No.1 overall pick as no other player in the league has better five-category production.

If you don’t have the first or second overall pick you can forget about drafting Pujols, however Miguel Cabrera, Ryan Howard, Mark Teixeira, and Prince Fielder are all worthy of first-round consideration in most leagues. If you don’t land a stud in the earlier rounds, you can get good production at a discounted price in the later rounds with players like Justin Morneau, Joey Votto, Kevin Youkillis, Billy Butler, and Carlos Pena just to name a few.

Draft-Day Advice: Building your team around a quality first basemen is an effective draft-day strategy, but consider the depth at the position before passing on quality players in some of the thinner positions.


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