2010 Fantasy Baseball Outfield Rankings Outlook: The outfield position is filled with talent and offers fantasy owners a variety of speed and power. You can tailor your outfield draft for power only, speed only, hitting only, or a combination of all three and you can find players to bolster these statistics deep into most drafts.

If you’re planning on targeting an outfielder early, Ryan Braun and Matt Kemp both offer elite five-category production and will likely be first-round selections. Carl Crawford and Jacoby Ellsbury will not be far behind and will be among the league leaders in steals. Justin Upton, Matt Holliday, Grady Sizemore, and Jason Bay all offer nice fantasy production across the board and are a few more options to consider in the earlier rounds. You can still find good value with the first 20 or so outfielders and if you’re looking to add some stolen base depth in the later rounds you could target Nyjer Morgan, Michael Bourn, or Julio Borbon, who is a favorite sleeper pick this season.

Draft-Day Advice: Since outfield offers such a large pool of players with a variety of speed and power, consider position scarcity when making early round picks. We’re not saying to avoid drafting elite outfielders early, just be selective if your thinner positions are still empty.

The following are our 2010 Fantasy Baseball Rankings, which are based on standard 5×5 scoring and take into account projected stats as well as upside and risk. Offensive categories include BA, HRs, Runs, RBIs, and SBs. Pitching categories are Wins, ERA, WHIP, Ks, and Saves. Although several players are eligible at multiple positions, they are listed at the position that they will most likely play the most in 2010. All leagues have different position eligibility requirements so be sure to check your settings before draft day.

2010 Rankings: C | 1B | 2B | SS | 3B | OF | SP | RP

1Ryan Braun635.3203211411320
2Matt Kemp606.297261019734
3Carl Crawford606.30515689660
4Jacoby Ellsbury624.3018609470
5Justin Upton526.30026868420
6Matt Holliday581.313241099414
7Grady Sizemore436.24818647313
8Ichiro Suzuki639.35211468826
9Jason Bay531.2673611910313
10Nick Markakis642.29318101946
11B.J. Upton560.24111557942
12Curtis Granderson631.24930719120
13Adam Lind587.30535114931
14Jayson Werth571.26836999820
15Shin-Soo Choo583.30020868721
16Bobby Abreu563.293151039630
17Manny Ramirez352.2901963620
18Carlos Lee610.30026102655
19Andre Ethier596.27231106926
20Andrew McCutchen433.28612547422
21Hunter Pence585.28225727614
22Michael Bourn606.2853359761
23Carlos Gonzalez278.28413295316
24Nelson Cruz462.26033767520
25Alex Rios582.24717716324
26Nolan Reimold358.2791545498
27Alfonso Soriano477.2412055649
28Chris Coghlan504.321947848
29Josh Hamilton336.2681054438
30Carlos Quentin351.2362156473
31Adam Jones473.27719708310
32Shane Victorino620.292106210225
33Carlos Beltran308.32510485011
34Nyjer Morgan469.3073397442
35Jay Bruce345.2232258473
36Ryan Ludwick486.2652297634
37Rajai Davis390.3053486541
38Julio Borbon157.3124203019
39Torii Hunter451.29922907418
40Juan Pierre380.3080315730
41Raul Ibanez500.2723493934
42Johnny Damon550.282248210712
43Nate McLouth507.25620708619
44Michael Cuddyer588.2763294936
45Vernon Wells630.26015668417
46Brad Hawpe501.2852386821
47Justin Kubel514.30028103731
48Vladimir Guerrero383.2951550592
49Drew Stubbs180.2678172710
50Denard Span578.3118689723
51Franklin Gutierrez565.28318708516

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