2010 Fantasy Baseball Third Base Rankings Outlook: The hot corner isn’t looking so hot, and is arguably the shallowest fantasy position this year. In years past, third base was a deep and reliable source of home runs and RBI, and often times runs and average. This season, while there are still strong top-tier players, the the number of quality options in the later rounds has thinned out significantly.

Alex Rodriguez will be a top-five pick in many drafts and the only third baseman worthy of a first-round selection. David Wright, a first round pick last season, struggled with his power numbers, while rising talents like Evan Longoria, Ryan Zimmerman, Mark Reynolds, and Pablo Sandoval at least add a little bit of depth at the position. Once these players are off the board there are not many risk-free selections available. Aramis Ramirez, Michael Young, Chone Figgins, Chipper Jones, and Adrian Beltre have some fantasy value, but are far from a sure thing.

Draft-Day Advice: Grabbing an elite third basemen is now a much wiser move than it was when third base was amongst the deepest positions in fantasy baseball.

The following are our 2010 Fantasy Baseball Rankings, which are based on standard 5×5 scoring and take into account projected stats as well as upside and risk. Offensive categories include BA, HRs, Runs, RBIs, and SBs. Pitching categories are Wins, ERA, WHIP, Ks, and Saves. Although several players are eligible at multiple positions, they are listed at the position that they will most likely play the most in 2010. All leagues have different position eligibility requirements so be sure to check your settings before draft day.

2010 Rankings: C | 1B | 2B | SS | 3B | OF | SP | RP | Top 150 | PDFicon Cheatsheet

1Alex Rodriguez444.286301007814
2Evan Longoria584.281331131009
3David Wright535.30710728827
4Ryan Zimmerman610.292331061102
5Mark Reynolds578.260441029824
6Pablo Sandoval572.3302590795
7Aramis Ramirez306.3171565462
8Michael Young541.3222268768
9Chone Figgins615.29855411442
10Chipper Jones488.2641871804
11Adrian Beltre449.2658445413
12Alex Gordon164.232622285
13Ian Stewart425.2282570747
14Chase Headley543.26212646210
15Jhonny Peralta582.2541183570
16Edwin Encarnacion293.2251339352
17Garrett Atkins354.226948370
18Kevin Kouzmanoff529.2551888501
19Casey Blake485.2801879843
20Troy Glaus29.1720220

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