The 2010-2011 fantasy basketball season is just around the corner and everyone loves to think about drafting the top sleepers. However, not drafting the busts, or avoiding paying too high for a player can go a long way towards helping you build a championship roster. This article will discuss various players not to draft too high, or avoid completely, for your fantasy basketball draft. If you have any fantasy basketball questions about a sleepers, busts, or who to draft, feel free to post them in our Fantasy Sports Forum.

Brandon Jennings MIL | PG

Jennings was one of the biggest surprises last year, but he really trailed off towards the end of the season. He averaged about 17 points per game and over 6 assist before the break, but only 13 points per game and 5 assists after. We think he will still have a solid season, but just be careful how high you take him.

Jason Terry DAL | G

We couldn’t believe the ADP for Jason Terry, he is going around the 65th pick in most drafts which seems way to high. He is mainly just a scorer, and last year he didn’t even do that great at that. His points per game were down to 16.6 and his threes were down by .5. Terry should still have something left in the tank, but don’t expect 08-09 numbers.

Ron Artest LAL | SF

At this point in his career Ron Artest is more of a name then anything else. Even with playing well over 30 minutes a game last year, he still only managed 11 points a game. He will still get decent numbers across the board, but just be careful not to over draft him.

Jermaine O’Neal BOS | C

O’Neal could be a decent late round pick, but we would be surprised if he is able to match his numbers from last year. The other O’Neal is going to cut into his minutes, and injuries have always been a problem for Jermaine in his career. We doubt the Celtics will ask him to do that much, and we expect his numbers to go down across the board.

Mike Bibby ATL | PG

Don’t waste a roster spot on Bibby this year. He is coming off of his worst year of his career, and there is no reason to think he will rebound. Jeff Teague is expected to take over the starting job at some point this year, and we think it will happen sooner rather then later. Bibby could still have value in really deep leagues, but don’t expect his numbers to go up from last year.

Baron Davis LAC | PG

Davis put together a solid season last year, but we aren’t convinced he will do it again. We think he is an injury waiting to happen, so make sure to bump him down a bit on draft day. Right now he is going with about the 50th pick, which seems really high in our opinion.

Yao Ming HOU | C

Yao is going to be a high risk, high reward player this year. We doubt he will ever go back to his 22 points and 11 rebound days. But, if he stays healthy he could easily be a 18 and 9 guy. We think Yao is a decent gamble this year as long as he slips far enough in your draft.

Tim Duncan SA | C

Duncan’s numbers have been on the decline each of the last 3 years, and we expect the streak to continue. He is still very capable of coming close to matching his numbers from last year, but we just don’t like the draft pick you will have to use to get him. There will be a lot of young guys with bigger upsides available around the time you would have to draft Duncan.

Kevin Garnett BOS | PF

Ever since coming to Boston Garnett’s numbers have gone down every year, and we expect that to happen again this season. With an ADP of about 50 we think that is way to high for a 34 year old Garnett who is obviously not the same player he used to be. At that point in the draft there will be a lot of players with much bigger upsides. Leave Garnett on the draft board unless he really slips in your draft.

Evan Turner PHI | SG

This rookie guard is a great player, but we aren’t in love with his situation. There are a lot of great guards in Philadelphia, and we just aren’t sure how many minutes there are to go around. There is no doubt that Turner will produce if he gets the minutes, but with an average draft position of around 85 we say take someone more proven.

If you have any fantasy basketball questions about a sleepers, busts, or who to draft, feel free to post them in our Fantasy Sports Forum.