After the draft is over and the season has begun the best way to bolster your roster and make a run for that elusive championship is through trades. Sure many teams found that hidden gem in Cliff Lee or Alexei Ramírez last season, but there are only a handful of players each season that can picked up off waivers to make a huge impact for an entire season. Our fantasy experts give you some simple guidelines when trying to make a deal.

1. Know who is your best trade bait

You need to find out who you can afford to give up and not compromise your team. On the flip side know what type of player you are looking for to help your team?

2. Find teams that need what you have

Based on that trade baits position or categories he excels in; search the other teams in your league. More often than not only a few teams will be looking for what you are willing to give up and have what you need.

3. Always see the trade from other managers point of view

If you would not hit the accept button or at least think of doing it then do not send the trade. You do not want to be known as the manager that always sends awful trades that heavily favor you. This will hurt your credibility in the long run and when you finally have a good offer on the table no one will take your seriously.

4. If you are in a league where you know everyone

Call them to discuss the trade before sending. This will get a lot of the bs out of the way and normally will entice the other manager to look a little closer into the trade. Be sure to explain to them why the player you are giving them can help their team.

Feel free to post any trades you are thinking of sending or have been sent to you on and we will break down the trade for you.